Mission Statement:

Centergreen was born out of the desire to be engaged in sustainability initiatives and real estate processes and projects that deliver low impact, environmentally aware and profitable results to those who make this commitment.

We believe emphasis on sustainable and integrative thinking will  lead to well conceived and implemented real estate projects or organizational strategies that enhance, restore and regenerate the places we live work and play.

We are active in real estate development and organizational consulting for those wishing to embrace this deeper level of individual or organizational responsibility.

We operate on several scales from individual building to large programs and entire city scale projects.

At the city and large scale we collaborate with the re-source group. We understand the interelationship of all of the systems, from living systems to the digital networks that give cities their life and vitality.

We focus on the integrative and regenerative development processes that assure outcomes that will be ongoing and sustainable.

Contact:    Jerry Pucillo   Centergreen, LLC.   94 Union St.   Weymouth MA 02190     tel. 617.510.4503    jerry@centergreen.com
Pantheon: built 126AD
The oculus at the dome's apex and the entry door are the only natural sources of light in the interior. Throughout the day, the light from the oculus moves around this space in a reverse sundial effect.. The oculus also serves as a cooling and ventilation method. During storms, a drainage system below the floor handles the rain that falls through the oculus.
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