Strategic Sustainability Planning:
Centergreen provides strategic sustainability planning for clients who have active business concerns that include real estate as part of the solution. This type of consulting requres a knowledge of business principles sustainability practices and real estate. Buisnesses seeking to move their businesses toward sustainability are often faced with decisions that effect business culture and the facilities in which the business takes place. On a larger scale, decisions relating to a facility's  location impact the comapny's sustainability approach. Centergreen seeks to guide business leaders through the process of  cultural change and the physical expression this leads to .

Real Estate Services:
Centergreen is a real estate development and consultation company that is postured to create, high performance development projects. It was formed out of a commitment   to  develop real estate in a way that is low impact and beneficial to its residents and users.
Centergreen will:

1.) Identify and work with individuals and companies committed to high performance design and development
2.) Help raise equity from investors committed to sustainable development objectives
3.) Work with teams committed to an integrated design and development process
4.) Provide real and experience based investment decision support for investors of sustainable development projects

Management Consulting:
Centergreen is focused on helping organizations looking to grow their business in a more thoughtful and sustainable approach. We assist organizational leaders to design and implement a sustainability framework plan for their non-profit or corporate entities. The company has consulted with an managment company servicing persons with alzheimer's disease , a biotech firm, private development companies, religious organizations, a real estate equity fund and a non-profit housing corporations. All of these organizations were interested in creating an integrated  approach to their development process, applying sustainable criteria to their organizations and to the design and construction of their developments.

Contact:    Jerry Pucillo   Centergreen, LLC.   94 Union St.   Weymouth MA 02190     tel. 617.510.4503