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the journey….. Our   principal,   Jerry   Pucillo,   has   spent   over   30   years   in   direct   service   to   the   goal   of   participating   in   the   creation   of   real   estate   projects   that     have   inherent   meaning   beyond   the      physical   bricks   and   mortar.   This   journey   led   to   the   creation   of   over   1000   apartments   for   low   income seniors   along   with   the   creation   of   “elder   life   corp”   which   brought   the   residents   of   the   developments   together   in   a   mutually   supportive environment.   This   entity   was   later   incorporated   into   the      local   Catholic   Charities   office   of   the   Archdiocese   of   Boston.   He   also   developed   a unique mixed income condo/coop for families facing displacement due to gentrification. Engagement   in   non-profit   Board   work   led   to   the   establishment   of   a   home   for   those   in   alcohol   recovery,   as   well   as   another   home   for   persons struggling   with   AIDS,   addiction,   and   single   parented   households,   and   the   creation   of   a   support   system   to   help   these   residents   be   successful in the pursuit of their dreams for themselves and their children. On   the   corporate   side,   it   led   to   one   of   the   first   LEED   platinum   rated   office   buildings   in   the   US,   and   a   corporate   engineering   center   designed to      encourage   employee   participation   and   engagement,   all   in   a   sustainability   designed   building.   It   also   led   to   the   position   of   creating   and implementing programs as the Director of Sustainability initiatives for a private equity Fund that has invested over $1B in real estate projects. Recent   initiatives   include   the   conceptualization,   planning   and   roll   out   of   a   national   initiative   on   behalf   of   a   private   foundation   that   will include   the   design   and   development   of   a   network   of   buildings   serving   the   local   communities   in   which   they   exist   as   well   as   the   design   of   a state   of   the   art   assisted   living   community   that   focused   on   local   community   engagement      and   had   a   goal   of   reaching   near   passive   house building standards. Jerry   also   has   pushed   the   boundaries   of      new   technological   advances   in   pursuit   of   more   cost   effective   solutions   to   building   programs   and   in that   regard   did   one   of   the   first   geo-thermal   applications   in   Boston,   one   of   the   larger   modular   housing   developments   done   up   to   that   time, and was engaged in the business planning for a manufactured housing plant.
the company… .. C entergreen    was    started    out    of    the    desire    to    be    engaged    in    the    “center       of    sustainability    initiatives    and    real    estate   processes    and    projects    that    deliver   low   impact,   environmentally   aware   and   profitable   results   to   those   who   make   this commitment.      Each   development   project   is   unique   and   requires   a   focused   response   especially   if   it   seeks   to   meet   more than the traditional bottom line return expectations. Each   project   requires   an   individual   or   team   response   based   on   the   phase   and   complexity   of   the   undertaking.   We employ   sustainable   and   integrative   thinking   to   our   work   which   we   believe   leads   to   well   conceived   and   implemented real   estate   projects.      We   can   also   employ   organizational   development   strategies   that   enhance,   restore   and   regenerate the clients we work with and the places we live work and play. We operate on several scales from individual building to large programs and entire city scale projects.  We   have   been   engaged   in   small   and   large   scale   real   estate   programs   and   have   provided   everything   from   direct development   responsibility   to   development   consultation   based   on   client   needs.   Over   the   years   we   have   developed   a specialized   interest   in   approaching   development   projects   from   the   perspective   of   how   they   impact   the   community.     Through   long   term   relationships   we   can   bring   a   very   sophisticated   team   and   approach   to   sustainability   when   required by the client.