We meet our clients needs during any stage of their creative process. idea generation….visioning….early design musing…economic considering…community engagement…..entitlement strategies…..scenario development…..implementation planning…….funding strategies
Centergreen, LLC.   94 Union St.   Weymouth MA 02190     tel. 617.510.4503
Special Expertise: Assisted Living, Affordable Housing, Centergreen   has   expertise   in   the   development   of   housing   for   persons   in   need   of   assisted   living/memory   care   environments      and   those   needing   affordable   housing.   These communities are designed to meet the needs of the residents  in a safe and affordable way as well as  contributing  to the local community aesthetic. The   care   we   take   to   design   and   implement   these   housing   types   is   such   that   these   developments   become   an   integral   part   of   the   broader   community   without   compromising the quality of the housing for the residents they are intended to  serve.
the team ….. Every    client    has    specific    requirements    they    are    hoping    to    achieve.       Our    team    is    led    by    Jerry    Pucillo    who    brings    an    executive   level   understanding   to   each   individual development   project.   He   also   provides   whatever   professional   relationships   he   can   on   behalf   of   his   clients.   This   provides   clients   with   the   ability   to      focus   on   the   broader development   objectives.   He   also   provides   strategic   thinking      expertise   where   required   and   can   help   to   shape   an   overall   planning   framework   for   complex   programs   and projects.   The   successful   conclusion   of   any   project   starts   at   how   the   project   is   conceived,   planned   and   ultimately   implemented.   Jerry   understands   that   attention   to   detail   in   the pre-development and pre-construction stages is critical to the success of any development initiative.