Strategic Work:
These   projects   represent   real   estate   development   projects   that   in   some   measure   have   strategic   consequences   and   sustainability features. Cushing   Village,   Belmont   MA            Provided   development   consulting   services   to   the   Development   team.   This   is   a   mixed   use   development with   115   units   of   housing,   219   parking   spaces   and   30,000   square   feet   of   retail   space.   This   project   was   developed   under   a   Special   Permit in the Town of Belmont MA. GM   Technical   Center,   Warren   Center,   MI            Part   of   the   strategic   planning   team   that   developed   the   master   plan   for   this   $1.2   billion repositioning   project   for   General   Motors.   A   one   square   mile   site   houses   GM’s   design   and   engineering   functions.   The   project   was intended   to   align   real   estate   deployment   with   corporate   functions   and   to   create   new   work   environments   that   were   environmentally sensitive   and   would   contribute   to   worker   satisfaction.   Extensive   sustainability   consulting   was   done   for   this   development   as   it   was   planned prior   to   the   USGBC   issuance   of   any   LEED   standard.   Through   the   creation   of   a   framework   plan   and   a   sensitive   application   of   earlier   design initiatives on campus the team designed and implemented the building of the Vehicle Engineering Center. Genzyme   World   Headquarters,   Cambridge,   MA            Worked   as   a   strategic   planning   consultant   for   Genzyme   in   an   effort   to   align   real   estate investments   with   product   development.   Created   and   deployed   a   web   based   GIS   enabled   data   program   that   assisted   in   real   time decision   making.   At   the   same   time   Genzyme   decided   to   build   their   World   Headquarters   and   requested   development   consulting   during the design phases of the project. This is a Platinum rated facility and one of the first of its type in the United States. Sisters   of   St.   Joseph,   Boston,   MA            Provided   extensive   strategic   real   estate   consulting   services   to   the   Sisters   of   St.   Joseph   to   assist   in   the development   of      independent   apartments   for   their   long   term   use.   This   followed   an   assignment   to      rightsize   their   real   estate   portfolio   to align   with   their   housing,   continuing   care   and   business   functions.   This   led   to   the   disposition   and   consolidation   of   several   properties   as   well as   the   development   of   their   Motherhouse   into   retirement   housing.   The   development   was   done   as   a   LEED   certifiable   development although certification was not sought. Several water, energy savings and landscape features were employed in this effort. Grant   Block      Providence,   RI            Provided   development   consulting   services   to   Cornish   Associates,   a   smart   growth   development   team,   in   the planning   of   a   mixed   use,   urban,   sustainable   condominium   development.   Project   was   conceptually   designed   and   then   put   on   hold   due to economic market conditions. Winooski   Falls,   Winooski,   VT            Provided   executive   level   support   as   a   member   of   the   development   team   to   this   mixed   use   neighborhood development in Winooski, Vermont that has been a major award winner for smart growth, transit oriented development. 38   Hope   St,   Niantic   CT            Provided   executive   level   support   as   a   member   of   the   development   team   to   this   downtown   development   in Niantic,   Ct.   This   development   was   done   using   New   Urbanist   ideas   and   principles   on   a   brownfield   and   ecologically   sensitive   development site. Parcel   24   Boston,   MA               Provided   executive   level   support   as   a   member   of   the   development   team   to   this   mixed   use   urban   development in Boston, MA.
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